Interior and Exterior Doors

Door Installation and Replacement

Are your doors looking a bit old and outdated? Maybe it’s time to replace your doors with more durable, more appealing, and more energy-efficient ones. Several styles and materials are available on the market today, and if you’re having difficulty choosing the right one, here’s a guideline on the benefits of replacing your door.

Types Of Interior Doors

Panel Doors
Flush Doors
French Doors
Pocket Doors
Bi-Fold Doors
Bypass Doors

Types Of Exterior Doors

Paneled or Windowed Doors
Decorative Doors
Patio Doors
French Doors
Storm Doors
Doors with Side or Top Light

Benefits of Shutter Types

Your doors can affect the overall look of your home. With the proper installation and materials, you can get the most out of your door replacement.

Added curb appeal – The right door type can enhance the architectural style of your home. Colors are important as well, as they can contrast or blend in with the other exteriors such as the siding or windows. Your doors can also display a crisp or energetic look based on its hues.

Added security/durability – High-quality fiberglass and steel replacement doors are very durable and designed to resist forced entry. This is also an important feature for storm doors, which need to protect you from high winds, rain, and hail.

Added insulation and ventilation – Modern materials are more energy-efficient compared with old doors. For example, patio doors also allow more light to come into your home while providing a great outdoor view.

Added value – As the curb appeal of your home increases, so does its value. Upgrading doors with more durable, stylish, and energy-efficient options can lead to more savings and increased property value.


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